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N.I.S.S. Racing 2024

The photographs in this rowing photo gallery may be purchased as personal use digital downloads using a credit card. The files are 2,048 pixels (long side) at 300ppi which will print in high quality up to an 8x10.  They may also be used for internal communications within schools or rowing clubs on social media channels or email newsletters with appropriate photo crediting back to Rowing Picture Show.  


A charge of $50 + GST applies per image for usage within school magazines, websites or local newspapers. Commercial usage on school billboards or any other advertising medium is $275+GST and a full resolution TIFF file will be supplied for this. Contact Conrad for commercial usage licensing. 

If you are from a school or club that contracts me to take your photos for the season then your images will not appear in this gallery. They are supplied directly to your rowing committee via Google Drive so please contact them for access. Full resolution files in up to 8K, 50-megapixel resolution can be purchased for personal use and very large printing for $35 each. This will require manual file delivery and payment via online banking. Contact me to arrange this.


Thank you for your support.

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