Funeral Service Tributes

Photographic memories are a wonderful way to share in a life well-lived. 


A collection of hand-picked photos accompanied by a cherished piece of music and displayed in a quality picture show makes a heart-warming and memorable funeral tribute.  


As a keep-sake presentation it also serves as a long-lasting memoir for family and friends. 


Picture Show create high quality personal picture stories that display photographs and short video clips with engaging image transitions and in a variety of designs.


Pricing for a loved one's tribute is dependent on the volume of content to review and the format it is available in however it's likely to be between $300-$500 + GST.


Contact us at Picture Show and we will be happy to give you a quote based on your requirements.

We commit to producing the video within 48 hours once all material is received. See our process section below.



Determine how many photos you would like to include in the picture show. We recommend up to 100 photos timed to a single piece of music as being ideal.

We are able to scan photos if required however it is simpler if images can be supplied electronically by dropbox or similar delivery method. There is normally someone in each family with the technical knowledge to scan photos and supply them electronically.

Please supply your photos in the order you wish them to appear in the picture show (sequential filenames) or at the very least group them into certain periods of life. It saves us an immense amount of time and cost for you if they are ordered correctly.

Choose your theme from the options available including Photo Portfolio, Formal, Leather Book, Vintage or Modern. Every video slideshow includes your own song choices, a title slide and a personal message slide. Give some thought as to what you’d like them to say to reflect the tone of the picture story. Captions can be added for an extra charge. If you need assistance with any of the customisation options, we are happy to help!

Contact us for more information.



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